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7 Animals Out Of DAB MELISSA
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Name IMZA# Sire Gender Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Photo Available DAB Malisa T-7877 DAB Little Lincoln C 05/14/2016 Dennis Beranek Cristina Kranz
Photo Available DAB Maverick Z-7800A
BUFFALO HILL BEAU JANGLES B 05/24/2017 Dennis Beranek Tayler Gage
Photo Available DAB Ginny Z-8362 BUFFALO HILL BEAU JANGLES C 05/12/2018 Dennis Beranek Dennis Beranek 1
Photo Available DAB Oreo Z-8798 Starlands Starman C 05/08/2019 Dennis Beranek Danis Nickell 1
Photo Available DAB Margaret T-9115 DAB Dooley C 03/30/2020 Dennis Beranek Bob Balensiefen
Photo Available DAB Magic T-9758 DAB Gawain B 05/07/2021 Dennis Beranek Dennis Beranek
Photo Available DAB Mindy T-10360 DAB Apollo C 09/03/2022 Dennis Beranek Dennis Beranek

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